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Introduction :
Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka, is a pioneer, renowned and reputed public Teachers’ Training College in Bangladesh situated at the heart of the capital city in New Market area, adjacent to renowned and oldest Dhaka College (1849). In its long 100 years journey (1909-2009) it has been serving with its best to enlighten the students, trainees and teaching professionals of the present Bangladesh and then undivided Bengal. The necessity of establishing a teachers’ training college was felt severely when the result of entrance examination was fell down in 1906. “HR James, principal of Presidency College Calcutta wrote in his report (1909) that there had been Normal schools in Bengal for the training of the primary teachers and an experiment at Kurseong was a pioneering step in training the secondary teachers. The experiment was short lived and practically, there was no training for the teachers of the high English schools in Bengal”.

Giving emphasis on this comment two teachers’ training college were setup in the undivided Bengal at that time, One in Dhaka and other one was in Kolkata. In 1908 David Hare Training College was established at Kolkata and Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka at Armanitola in Dhaka, though the subcontinent's first teachers' training institute for secondary teachers was established at Bombay in January 1906. According to the order of Bengal Government Memo no# 53, Education, dated 06-01-1909 Teachers’ Training College, Dhaka was established and started to function from the session 1909-1910 with 12 trainees. Mr. Evan E Bess, an IES officer was appointed as the first principal of this college. In the year 1956, site of the college has shifted to present location from Armanitola (Old Dhaka). From its beginning Bachelor of Teaching (BT) and Licentiate of training (LT) Program were introduced. BT program was for one year whereas LT was of six months. In 1956 BT was transformed into 10 months Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) program and LT program was withdrawn. Later 10 months Master of Education (M.Ed) and 04 years of B.Ed (Hons) program were introduced in 1988 and 1995 respectively.

General goal of the college is to improve the quality of Secondary Education. Primary goal is to provide pre-service & in-service training for secondary schools teacher, working for achieving the quality in secondary education, creating mid-level expert in the field of education through four years education honours program. Another important aims of this institution is to provide the scope of quality for initial and in service training including B.Ed, M.Ed and continuing professional development for the teachers serving in government and non-government secondary schools and thereby enhance their professional competency.

Mission :
Our mission is to support the achievement of National goal to impart quality education to all the citizens of Bangladesh through providing high quality training and support services to secondary schools teachers so that they can provide best quality secondary education all over Bangladesh.

Vision :
We would like to see our college as a Center of Excellence of teacher education in near future.

Objectives :
1. To improve the quality of teacher education.
2. To produce qualified teachers for primary and secondary school.
3. To improve the quality of the trainees of in-service training course and short course (3 month short course) as well as of the academic courses.
4. To ensure practicing teacher quality performance by monitoring and supervision.
5. To improve the skills of Teachers Educators

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